Rules Are: Do what Simon Says!

The best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago, or today. - unknown

Ok, if you are like me you have seen all the great stories of regular people who make $10,000 to $50,000 per month on almost every internet marketing site. I have no doubt that many are true. The point of the stories for the aspiring marketer is not to create a celebrity class of marketers to envy. Rather it is far better to pursue knowledge and insights into how they accomplished what they did.

You can never truly simply just copy what someone did, because there are other variables at play. For instance, you can buy the Story of Google and try recreating each step, but we all know that may not result in the same $400/share wonderland for your company. What you can take away is some best practices – general things they did and thought. Those two things must go together. Success in anything is a result of actions that manifest thoughts. In fact failure is the same thing. How did these people think, what motivated them, how did they deal with setbacks, and naysayer’s? Then, how did they implement their ideas and strategies?

What are the top 3 things that these people did? Well naturally these are generalizations but these are some great tips:

#1: It’s ok not to know everything. These successful marketers started with what they had. They didn’t rush things and try to be a mogul in the first month. They started slow, learning as they went along. Many had no computer or business experience – but the human brain is astounding, yours is too! We have the capacity to learn so much, especially when we avoid the need to know everything today. Pace yourself, keep reading and trying things.

#2: One step at a time. The journey of a million miles starts with one step, and then it takes another and another… The successful marketers start with one step or strategy. Perhaps the one they are most confident in – it helps spur them on, and it allows them to learn faster. Once they have maximized that strategy, they move on to a new one, increasing the effectiveness of their site. They may even keep the same strategies and simply add new sites. As the roll out new strategies they implement them across all their sites. Remember they also eventually had multiple sites – it helps to diversify.

#3: They all wish they could have avoided some of the early rookie mistakes. I know we all learn from our mistakes, but we can also learn from other peoples mistakes. After the first man ran off the cliff to try fly like a bird, the rest of mankind heard about it and decided while it must be possible to fly, that there must be another way! You can learn from others, and avoid those mistakes – in fact you can surpass your teachers as you improve upon what they teach you. Do you have a teacher, or are you going to tempt fate, and try it alone.

The game ‘Simon Says’ is a good analogy – find someone who can lead you that way. Someone who can demonstrate how to do profit online and insist that you copy them for your mutual gain – that’s the real fast track.

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