Top 10 Mobile Go Anywhere Businesses

Ever dreamt of escaping your desk job and having more freedom?  Of course you have!  Trouble is you eventually wake up and remember that you’ve got a job and bills to pay, right?

What you need is your own portable means of income that will give you the flexibility and freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

Imagine working in your garden, from a beach, or your holiday home in Brazil.  Well, with the technology available today, the dream can actually be a reality.

So what businesses are most suitable for this type of mobile work and lifestyle?  There are more than you think.  Just take a look at the Top 10 list below and if any of them spark your imagination, use the links to investigate further and see what is possible.

1.  Virtual Assistant

Take your administrative skills worldwide!  Who says that you have to work for one boss in the same company?  Anyone with office and computer skills could set up as a VA from their home. Using modern technology your clients can be based anywhere. (International Virtual Assistants Association)

2.  Ebay Trader

Ebay is an international online marketplace, making it a perfect business to operate from any country.  With a little organization you could spend 6 months in the UK trading under Ebay UK and then 6 months in another country of your choice trading under the Ebay sister site of that country.

Sign up for a free Ebay account and take a little test drive!

3.  Newsletter Publisher

Package your knowledge in a newsletter, distribute it electronically and charge a subscription fee to people interested in your subject.  The thirst for knowledge knows no boundaries.  This works perfectly well as an electronic newsletter as well as via postal mail.

4.  Online Tutor

Online tutors or e-tutors guide students through an internet learning experience.  If you have a teaching background, why not create courses that can be delivered electronically via email, online tutorials or audio/video conferencing, as well as telephone conference calls. (Certified e-Learning Professional Programme) (LeTTOL – Learning to Teach Online)

5.  Personal or Business Coach

Coaching is a profession you can do part time, full time, in addition to another job.  Most coaching is conducted via the phone and email, and with the many low cost phone packages available, it is becoming increasingly easier to run this type of business from any location. (International Coaching Federation) (Coachville – extensive coaching information portal)

6.  Web Designer / Graphic Designer

If you can create graphics, logos, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, advertisements, using desktop publishing software or web designer software, you could run your own design business from home, and that home could be anywhere.

Contact your local colleges for courses.

7. Writer / Travel Writer

Writing is perhaps the ultimate portable business.  With your laptop and your imagination, you could write whenever, wherever.  Why not become a Travel Writer and turn your travel adventures into a book, or write articles for magazines about your experiences.  (American Writers Artists Institute)

8.  Stock Market Trading

This doesn’t have to be for the elite or financially well-versed anymore.  Keep abreast of market trends and stock performance and this could be a viable business operational from home or any location.

9.  Copywriter

A copywriter is someone who uses words to sell products and services. One huge perk of being a freelance copywriter is the flexible lifestyle. You can earn your living from anywhere in the world –a holiday home, an island, or your own home.  (American Writers Artists Institute)

10. Computer Software Engineer

Using your skills in design, development, testing and evaluation of computer software you can develop your own products or work on a freelance basis for companies worldwide.

See local colleges for courses.

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