Is there no real Data Entry Opportunities Online today?

Hi Friend,

Its has been 4 years since I started my home business. As like most of new home business seekers I started it looking for a Data Entry Job – and like 98% of them I ended up in a Scam losing $50 in the process. Well the amount may not seem to be much but the experience I gained from it was priceless – “If anything seems too good to be true, it most probably is”.

Now a days the internet is all covered up with getting paid for Data Entry Scams – anywhere you look you will encounter an add saying “Make $1000 per day from the comfort of your home working just 30 Mins a day”. To a bit experienced people it is a sure shot call of a Scam but to online newbies like me 4 years ago it looked like the best opportunity I could come across. I am not saying that such programs do not work. Sometimes they do. Here is a brief dexcription how they work -

What they do is they will take a one time fee from you to give a tutorial to you explaining how to post similar ads like those you responded to online. The catch is you sell on their behalf and may make money – or you may not! And also it’s quick money and not a long term security.

So now, answering the question – If there are still genuine legitimate online data entry jobs out there – I would say yes there are! But you will have to know the right place to look for it. The best place to begin are free lance opportunities. There are places like Elance and Contracted Work which posts the requirement of people who require data entry operators on contract basis and there is always a legitimate Data Entry Job available there! Start from such places and once you get some recognition requests just come pouring in. Who knows you may also start your own successful data entry company some day!!! All you have to do is just hang in to it.

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