Traffic laundering and how it directly influences the earning potential of any online business

It is almost a well accepted fact that hits via auto surf programs are not worth the bandwidth used to generate them. How ever by using a process of traffic laundering you can exchange the credits earned  in auto surf programs for higher quality manual exchange credits. There are several fairly reliable manual exchanges that now offer a cash incentive for users . By showing their referral pages in auto surf programs you can easily clock up thousands of these type credits a day.

The trick is picking auto surf sites that deliver a high number of daily and unique hits. By adding two rotators with weight settings you can change in a matter of seconds the numbers of hit delivered to each referral page. As some exchanges have a daily limit you need to be able to set the weight to zero and hence stop delivering hits to that particular site. That’s where adding a statistics counter into the picture become a valuable tool especially if it can measure fairly accurately the unique hits and where they originated from.

Manual exchanges sites are great sources to recruit new members if you have an affiliate or multi level marketing program. If your site is a specialized niche content site or sells specialized products or services you can still profit from these sites too.  As many manual exchange sites have a buy back direct or trade for cash the credits earned you can use this extra income to buy targeted search engine traffic for your niche site.

I measured over seventy different sites and monitored the hits delivered using Web Seo and Stats counter over a period of three months to calculate trends . I found that normally sites with either a very large or very small membership base delivered the most daily unique hits. By adding one of my sites url into the rotator and setting the hits to be delivered to it the same as the manual traffic referral pages I was able to get an accurate daily count.

The system I developed as a result also returned an increase in my Alexa rankings of over 13 000 percent in less than three months. I know any seasoned marketer will now have a smile on their face at the mention of Alexa rankings as anyone who has been marketing for a while knows how subjective and inaccurate these rankings are. How ever this ranking can be another useful tool for recruiting as there are other marketers who place a higher importance on it than it deserves.

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